Platform Overview

Xuanzhu Biopharm is equipped with world-class synthesis lab, kilo lab for scale-up and API production, drug analysis lab, preparation research lab, lab for crystal form study and salt selection, BSL-2 lab, lab for pharmacokinetics and drug metabolism, analysis lab, clinical bacteria strain bank, animal house and etc. It currently has built a number of key technology platforms supporting new drug discovery and development activities. A few are listed as follows:

Project Management The New Drug Design and Synthesis Center Center for Bacteriology Center for Pharmacokinetics and Drug Metabolism Center for in vivo Pharmacology Center for Early Safety Assessment The Screening and Characterization Center of API Crystal Forms and Salt Forms API Scale-Up Center Formulation and Preformulation Analysis Center International Clinical Research Centers Patent matters 策劃市場中心 BD商務開發與合作中心 注冊法規中心 處方前研發中心

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